Positive Meditation For Creating The Right Relationship

by Rev. Carol

God is everything that is of truth, love, beauty wisdom, joy knowledge and all the good that is.

My life is God’s life. I now have the most perfect love relationship. This relationship supports me and the work of God that I choose to do honest in all ways and in all affairs.

Only the truth is spoken, there is no lies or deceit in any of our affairs. Our relationship is based on respect and integrity. We both are gentle, kind and loving to one another. We are totally sincere. We have a relationship that is full of fun and quality time. We both are outgoing. We enjoy keeping our home clean and in an orderly fashion together.

If we choose to have children or pets they are a part of our love, and we joy their company. We are both generous with our money, time and love. We have no past commitments that keep us occupied away from each other. We are both self supporting and our jobs are always a pleasant part of our sharing together.

Our attention towards one another is romantic and we are faithful to each other. We both love children and respect their individual personalities We both share a spiritual bond that is a unique and special part of our relationship. We are both equally matched in our intellectual abilities. We are both tender and slow to anger with the patience to know we both are divine manifestations of the one Spirit Of God, unique to our own being. Neither one of us controls or manipulates one another for gain for one of our own benefits.

There is no criticism of each other and our love goes beyond criticism, knowing that we are both perfect in who we are. We both control our emotions so that neither one of us subject each other or anyone else to any physical, or mental harm or negativity in any way. We both enjoy other on a daily basis in all that we do, without causing any discomfort for the other.

Our love making is full of romance and fun. We both enjoy taking our time to make sure each one if fully and completely satisfied without causing any uncomfortably .

We both love to enjoy experiencing the abundance of life and all of God’s riches. Our time is always full of all goodness. I thank God for this wonderful fulfilling relationship. I am a constant source of Spirits Love incoming and outgoing. I release my word to the Universe for total perfect manifestation now. I know ,without a doubt that my word Is God’s law in action complete as soon as I state or even think it.

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