Near Death Forgiveness

by Elena Vella
(Littleton, Colorado)

Hello There,
My name is Elena (Ellen-ŭ). Through out my life I have always written, be it poems, or short stories. Recently, I have found bliss (truly) in writing short stories which venture into the dimensions of the unknown. I find my stories to be therapuetic, not only for me, but believe they can be helpful for others also. It is so difficult to handle day to day challenges; and then, when we carry our personal baggage, trying to get through the challenges, well....the storm takes our breath away.

When writing, I try my hardest to put sense into situations and give food for thought.
I am inviting you to read one of my stories or all, that I have written so far. Just visit:

Thank You for this opportunity.

With Warm Regards,
Elena Vella

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