Moving Beyond Positive Thinking and Into Oneness

by John James
(Stoke Newington. UK)

I believe the important thing to remember about religion or any other kind of belief system that you feel attracted to is that they are all tools that we use in order to give ourselves permission to remember more of who we are; that?s why we feel attracted them. Different tools work for different people.

So in that sense, there?s no right or wrong religion or spiritual community; they?re all ideas that you attract to yourself to use as tools to help you on your path. And as you said, one religion, one idea, wasn?t working for you so you abandoned it and moved into metaphysics because (I?m assuming) it resonates more with you.

It?s important to go to the root of any religion or belief system to find out for yourself what it?s about. The teachings of Buddha are at the root of Buddhism and the teachings of Jesus are at the root of Christianity. The teachings of these two teachers resonate with me, while the added religious dogma does not.

Moving beyond positive thinking and into the idea of the infinite possibilities of the Universe, realizing that each person is a truly unlimited sovereign being unto themselves is helpful. In this particular reality our soul?s expression is of a physiological human entity, us, playing out a particular role at this time and at this place on earth.

We are all powerful beings who create our own reality as we move through life. And as such, it?s always up to us if we want to transcend the conditioning, such as ?race mind? and ?judgmental thinking? that we received during our sleeping or unaware state. Either way the choice to change or not will always be ours.

Remember that as you change your mind, your external circumstantial reality, the external world of physicality must also change to represent (re-present) the inner change. Thus, even though racists and other ignorant or negatively oriented beings may exist, you may no longer see them in your world and if you do encounter them, you automatically forgive their ignorance.

Regarding the scenario you state. As we move beyond positive thinking, we move closer to the idea of oneness and that idea, by definition, contains the idea of non-judgment. Everyone says and does things from the perspective of where they are. When perspectives change, things are said and done differently.

With this in mind realize that unless any particular scenario is actually presented before you right now, it?s impossible to comment that this or that is the right thing to do because that would be a judgment call. And that will not be beneficial to those involved in any actual scenario of that kind because actually there is no right or wrong; there?s only that which either serves us or doesn?t serve us.

A positive thinking being who knows they?re connected will always trust that any scenario that?s presented to them must serve a purpose. They?ll simply trust that their higher self has a good reason for presenting it and so they?ll take the appropriate action at the right time and always in perfect timing.

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