Metaphysics_Definition_Dictionary S-Z

Though this list of Metaphysics_Definition_Dictionary_S-Z may not be 100% complete, It will give you the terms you will need to understand metaphysics and all it's teachings.

Metaphysics is a wonderful field of study that will enhance your life like you never thought possible.

I give thanks to Ernest Holmes Founder of Science of Mind, one of my mentors for this information.

These Metaphysics_Definitions_Dictionary is taken from my Science of Mind teaching manual.

SUBSIST: To live by virtue of spirit.

SPIRITUAL: The atmosphere of God.

SUGGESTION: Receiving the thoughts of another. Suggestion accepts the ideas of others and believes in them. It may be conscious or unconscious.

SAINT: A holy man.

SAGE: One versed in spiritual truths.

SEER: One who sees into causes.

SELF-KNOWING MIND: The conscious mind.

SELF-EXISTENT: Living by virtue of its own being.

SELF-PROPELLING: Having power within itself.

SPECIALIZE: To bring into concrete form.

SILENCE: The inner realization of the One Life.

SCIENCE: Knowledge of laws and principles.

SPIRITS: Personalities.

SUBSTANCE: The formless back of all forms.

SPIRIT: God, within Whom all spirits exist. The Self-Knowing One. The Conscious Universe. The Absolute.

SOUL: The Creative Medium of Spirit.

SUBJECTIVE: Beneath the threshold of the conscious. The inner side.

SUBCONSCIOUS: The same as subjective.

SYMBOL: Mental impressions denoting spiritual or mental truths.

SONSHIP: Man as the Son of God.

SUBJECTIVE TENDENCY: The subjective trend of thought.

SPIRITUAL REALIZATION: The realization of the Divine Presence.

SUBJECTIVE STATE OF THOUGHT: The sum total of all one's thinking, both conscious and unconscious.

SPACE: The Cosmic World. The distance between two specific forms. Space is a relative condition within the Absolute.

STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: The automatic, mental emanation of the subjective state of thought.

SUBJECTIVE SIDE OF LIFE: The inner side of life, as law.

SUBLIMATE: To transmute energy into another form of action.

SIMPLE CONSCIOUSNESS: Consciousness, as in an animal.

SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS: Personally conscious. Distinguished from Cosmic Consciousness, which is a consciousness of the Unity of the Whole.

SPIRIT OF MAN: God in man.

SELF-REALIZATION: A consciousness of the self as a reality.

SPIRITUAL MAN: Man in a conscious state.

SIN: Missing the mark. There is no sin but a mistake and no punishment but an inevitable consequence.

SUBJECTIVE CAUSATION: The mental law set in motion.

SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS: The realization of the Divine Presence.

SUBJECTIVITY OF THE UNIVERSE: The Universal Soul or mental Law.

SUBJECTIVE TO SPIRIT: The Law is the subjective to the Spirit.

SUBJECTIVE ACTIVITY: The inner action of the automatic law.

SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE: The Universal Creative Medium.

SPIRIT OF THE UNIVERSE: The Self-Knowing Mind of God.


TRIUNE UNITY: The Trinity.

TREATMENT: The art, act and science of inducing thought on the subjective side of life. Setting the Law in motion.

TELEKINETIC ENERGY: Moving ponderable objects without physical contact.

TRANCE: A subjective state.

TELEPATHY: Thought transference.

THOUGHT FORMS: All thought has definite form on the subjective side of life.

THE ONLY: The One Power.

TIME: "Sequence of events in a Unitary Whole."

THOUGHT: The movement of consciousness.

TRUTH: That which Is.

TRINITY: The Threefold Universe.

THEOLOGY: That which treats of the nature of God.

TRANSMUTATION: Same as sublimation.


UNIVERSE: The Cosmic World.

UNITY: The Oneness of God and man.

UNCONSCIOUS MEMORY: Subjective memory.

UNCONSCIOUS THOUGHT: Unconscious subjective thought.

UNIVERSAL LAW: Divine Principle.

UNIVERSAL MIND: The Creative Medium of Spirit.

UNIVERSAL SPIRIT: The Conscious Mind of God.

UNIVERSAL SOUL: The Universal Subjectivity.

UNIVERSAL SUBJECTIVITY: The Creative Medium or the Universal Mind.


VISUALIZATION: The art of mentally projecting a thought form into the Universal Creative Medium.

VIBRATION: Law in execution.


WORD: The thought of God or man.


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