Life Program

by Rev Carol
(Tampa, FL)

When we begin to know and realize who and what we are in the oneness of God. We can see ourselves as being true to our creator and what this existence is all about.

Establishing our own life program of who, what and how we want to live is essential in developing a personal spiritual life style.

Below is a life program that I had written in my first year of Studying Science of Mind Practitioner class. I hope that you can use it for your own lives as a demonstration of truth for living your life at the highest experience. If your not comfortable with this life program for yourself, change it to fit your life to demonstrate the highest thought for your life.

“I see myself as a spiritual being, as the very Christ of God.

I am so conscious of the Christ self within that I become that self.

I live move and have my being in Christ as Christ and I am now the Master that I was created to be.

I see myself as being financially free with the safety of knowing there is enough money for everything with plenty to spare. Any time I need money I take it because it is always coming in faster than I can spend it.

I see myself financially independent and totally secure with lavish abundance.

I see myself filled with zest and vitality.

I see myself with a magnificently healthy body, in perfect order where every cell is in the image of the perfect life pattern, and I am whole and complete.

My mind is quick and always thinking good for all, self included. My body is strong and lovely to look at.

I see myself energetic , inspired and enthusiastic.

I see myself love and and loved unconditionally.

I see myself poised, confident, and filled with absolute faith.

I see myself as whole and complete, with all sufficiency of all things.

I see myself as strong, mighty and powerful.

I see myself as eternal life in perfect expression.

I see myself as joyous, happy and delighted to be me.

I see myself enjoying the good will of God every single day.

I see myself with perfect understanding.

I see myself as the Light of the World. I see myself as God being me.

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