Kitty Kitty - Boe Boe

by Seja
(Tampa, Fl)

Wow Rev. Bill you did again, making me think of something good that happened in my life. I’m going to tell you about a wonderful event that I experienced.

Many years ago I had been looking for a new cat. On my way out the door one evening, there was little grey cat in my yard. He was horribly skinny and all dirty as if he had been sleeping under a car or in some place very greasy. When I picked him up he took his paw and put it on my face. That did I, I knew he was welcome in my home. I named him Sir Sterling Silver, but called him Kitty Kitty.

Kitty would rub his face all over mine, look me in my eyes and purr constantly. If I wasn’t in a room where he was, he had this mew that I think was his name for me. He would call me until I answered him, then he would come running to wherever I was. Kitty was a amazing cat. He stayed with me for 23 years. In the last few weeks of his life, I told him if there was anyway you can come back like reincarnation, to come back and I would find him.

He died on my side of the bed, I wrapped his little body in a soft towel and buried him in my yard. Marking his grave with a cross and a statue of a grey cat.

Several years later I was taking a nap. I already had 2 new cats, but I woke up from my nap and had this feeling that I had to go get another cat. So I went to a local animal shelter. In the room where they keep the cats, the door was opened and I could walk right in. There were cages behind the door, in front and to the left. As I walked in, I heard this God awful cat cry, behind he door. So of course you know I had to see what was going on with this cat. There in the cage was a grey cat mewing frantically and trying to get out.

I had to hold him, had to see, if possibly, could it be???? Well once this kitten was in my arms the first thing he did was put his paw on my face. I knew that Kitty was back.

Now that he’s back he still kiss’s my face, and has the same name for me, calls me when he can‘t find me. Strange? No. In this new life his name is Boe-Boe and he’s not a skinny cat, he weighs about 23 lbs, and sleeps at my side every night…happily ever after.

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