Interview with Eldon Taylor

by Eldon Taylor

Question: Gotcha! is an interesting title for a book. How do you define a Gotcha?

Answer: A gotcha comes when you do what you think is best because they have

taught you the way to think. In other words, as I have pointed out elsewhere and in

some detail in my book Mind Programming, you have been educated to conform.

Not only have you been trained so thoroughly in how to think, but you have also

been given the alternatives by which you could object to thinking a certain way.

As for me, I have a strong belief in the human potential. I am convinced that once

you are informed, there is a chance that enough of you will become involved in

meaningful ways that will turn the tide of propaganda and replace it once again with

a strong sense of self-reliance in the Emersonian vein. It was, after all, Ralph Waldo

Emerson who said, “Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”3 It

is believed that the informed are forearmed. I hope you find this worthy of your


My guess is that by the time you finish this book, you will have recognized many

clever ways by which you have been exploited in the past. My hope is that by

becoming aware of the insidious nature of the mind manipulation that goes on

today, you will be empowered to make decisions and choices that are yours and not

the results of the thoughts of others. You will then be able to easily answer this

question: What was your last truly original thought?

You are not who you think you are

Thus my hypothesis: “You are not who you think you are!” No, you are both much

less and much more. You are actually an experience acting out a mind program, and

what’s more, as you’ll see when we discuss the nature of being human, most of our

actions and thinking are unconscious. Indeed, to refine this concept just a little,

imagine that over 90% of your choices were being carried out in the

unconscious—how would you feel? The fact is, modern technology shows us that

this imaginative exercise is indeed a representation of the facts. What then is free


The purpose of much of today’s communication is about winning the hearts and

minds of the public, something well labeled as the engineering of consent. What are

the ways in which this goal is achieved?

Propaganda fills the news. Intelligent people are continually challenged to sort the

nonsense from the facts. Adding to this confusion are armies of folks whose sole task

is to confuse the facts by adding lies to the information we consume. Many websites

today deal with exposing popular myths and outright lies. Still, even the so-called

fact checkers often need to be checked. We will explore in this book why lies,

misinformation, and disinformation work so well and how they can engineer


Predisposed to Believe

We are all predisposed to want to believe certain things. Once we accept an idea, we

are then psychologically compelled to defend it. As you will see, human psychology

is such that even when we actually know nothing about a subject, including the most

complicated of subjects, we will nevertheless tenaciously cling to our ideas.

Learning how to set aside such mental reactions is achieved by first recognizing

them and then by personally owning them.

Question: You begin each chapter with a popular belief followed by the facts. Many

of these can sound pretty incredible but then you start to lay down the evidence.

Let's take a look at these specifically. You start Chapter two with:

Misconception: You probably believe as Alan Moore stated, “People shouldn't be

afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

Fact: As Edward R. Murrow stated, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of

wolves.” Do you really think that our elected officials are only out for themselves

and what evidence do you have for this?

Answer: We all would like to believe that our food, water, and drugs are safe for

consumption. We are educated to believe that our government attends to these

matters, on a federal as well as state and local level. We have huge government

bureaucracies for just those purposes. An allocation of our tax dollars goes to ensure

that our water, food, and drugs are the safest in the world. Can we rely on that?

In this chapter I do discuss these issues and you can form your own opinion. Are

vaccines safe? Is our food protected? How do GMOs affect agriculture and our lives?

What connects pesticides and herbicides to disease? We will tackle these and many

other questions in just a moment, but first I wish to draw your attention to the


Trust in the government is the essence of an organized civil society. History has

repeatedly revealed a story of power corrupting and absolute power absolutely

corrupting. Over time, governments tend to become more and more decadent and

less and less transparent. This can be true of all in whom we invest power. Take, for

example, our health care professionals—our doctors.

When we visit our doctors, can we trust that their interest is in our best interest and

not in the number of dollars they may or may not be able to bill based on our

insurance policy? When the physician hands us a prescription, can we confidently

ingest the magical pill, trusting that our doctor knows best?

What would you think if you learned that 97% of the doctors in the United Kingdom,

a state with socialized medicine, have given their patients placebos?

Researchers at the Universities of Oxford and Southampton in the UK discovered

that 97% of doctors have used ‘impure’ placebo treatments, while 12% have used

‘pure’ placebos. ‘Impure’ placebos are treatments that are unproven, such as

antibiotics for suspected viral infections, or more commonly non-essential physical

examinations and blood tests performed to reassure patients. ‘Pure’ placebos are

treatments such as sugar pills or saline injections which contain no active

ingredients. This practice is not unique to the UK. Researchers point out that there is

a rather widespread idea among doctors that this practice is ethical.

When we look at the United States, we discover that at least half of the doctors

admit to prescribing placebos regularly. There is no doubt that placebos work, but

did you know that they can work even without deception? In other words, if your

doctor informed you that he/she was prescribing a placebo, could the placebo still

work? The answer is somewhere between possibly and probably, according to new

research carried out at Harvard Medical School’s Osher Research Center and Beth

Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Researcher Ted Kaptchuk described the method by

which the patients were given the placebo this way: “Not only did we make it

absolutely clear that these pills had no active ingredient and were made from inert

substances, but we actually had ‘placebo’ printed on the bottle. We told the patients

that they didn’t have to even believe in the placebo effect. Just take the pills.”Many of

the patients received benefits as though they were taking real drugs

Aborted Fetal Cells

When I first learned that there was a rather widespread use of aborted fetal cell use

in the flavoring research of major food producers, such as Pepsi, I was shocked.

(Pepsi has since announced that they no longer join in this practice.) We did almost

an entire Provocative Enlightenment radio show on this practice, naming companies

and examining the practice and the purpose. The question asked most often during

and after show can be stated this way, “Who on earth thinks of things like this?”

When companies the size of Kraft, Nestlé, and Pepsi join in testing flavoring this

way, one has to ask, who on earth dreamed up the idea in the first place?

Government Regulations

Little by little our food supply has been taken over by regulation. There are areas in

the country where citizens can no longer grow vegetable gardens in their own yards

for fear that something might become contaminated and others may become ill. I

don’t ever remember a story about Mom and Dad’s garden making a whole host of

people sick, to say nothing of killing them, but I have heard of many regulated farms

where precisely this occurred, and several of them have been in the past half a

dozen years. Now that’s not saying it’s not possible for Mom to grow something in

her garden that makes someone sick, but this will not spread to many states. It just

seems to me to be a real overreach to shut down Mom’s garden.

In 2012 the United States was witness to the most sweeping legislation yet. It

provides the President with control over all food, farms, fertilizer, farm equipment,

livestock, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and food production in

America. I am speaking of the executive order titled “National Defense Resources


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