Interview with Eldon Taylor

by Eldon Taylor

Question: Why did you write this one Eldon?

Answer: I do not believe you can be spiritually awake and unplugged from the reality in which we live. The fact is, most people are on automatic. We can all be a
bit like Nabisco crackers in many ways, for the clothes we wear all look generally alike, as do the automobiles we drive, and we all watch the same sort of entertainment, and have very similar goals and ambitions. We have been enculturated to conform. Our compulsory educational system exists to socialize us,
not educate us! We learn unquestioning obedience very early in life or pay the price. By the time we become adults we’re imprinted and we behave accordingly.

Our choices are not really ours and I spell this out very clearly in Gotcha!
Okay, with that in place, we are also living at time of great importance. The world has shrunk and what goes on in India today is as close as that which goes on in your neighboring city. Our values have been eroded over the past fifty years in many ways and today we witness things that most just sort of accept under the guise of cultural relativity. This also further erodes our standards. It’s almost as though the majority have been lulled to sleep, for they accept that the customs of any
community are valid by way of their moral nature.

Not long ago two girls were sentenced to be raped in India. Raped and then publicly paraded through the streets with their faces painted black. And their crime? Their brother had run away with a married woman. How on earth can civilized people find anything about this acceptable? This is a mockery of human rights and justice!
This sort of thing combines with other pressing matters that require our informed, intelligent attention. Do we want Monsanto owning crops around the world? Are

GMOs safe? What are we to do about protecting our mother earth—the environment we live in?

What I needed to show everyone is that behind the scenes you are being sold a bill of goods that’s full of disinformation, misinformation, lies, manipulation, politics and more—all in the name of power and profit. And what’s more—the average citizen is completely oblivious to it. They seem quite content to live as consumption rats doing the same thing over and over.

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by: Anonymous

Good information thanks for sharing nice post.



Thank to Eldon Taylor for the interview and his new book

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