In Depth Metaphysical Freedom

by Eddie

In my view, true metaphysical freedom lies not only in understanding the true nature of reality, but in actually using the Universal laws to live the life of our dreams, the life we prefer. This means being consciously aware that we create our own reality and at the same time, realizing that there is no reality other than the reality we create through our definitions and beliefs.

To understand this, an awareness of the present moment is necessary. Linear time or time of the clock is a man made artificial construct. We invent calendars that start from an arbitrary place along the scale of eternity and then we say the year is 0001 or 2011. What we may not have considered is that, by definition, eternity means without beginning and without ending; thus artificial time is always relative to a fixed starting point of our own creation.

However, whether you were born in 2000 BC or 2000 AD the present moment is always all there is and all there ever will be; thus the real time is always right NOW. We live in a four dimensional world consisting of three dimensions of space and one of time. However, with artificial time removed from the equation there can be no space. Time and space are different ways of measuring, they?re interchangeable, but one cannot exist without the other; thus the only place is right HERE.

So we?re left with HERE and NOW and no other time or place. Because there?s only the present moment of NOW, creation is already finished and all realities already always exist as potential. All realities are dreams or illusions of our mind and the way we have always experienced reality is through defining and believing in any particular reality to bring it into our conscious awareness.

The reality you experience is only limited by what you will allow your mind to define and believe can be your reality. There?s no inherent, fundamental reality to gauge or judge any other reality by.

Everything and every reality existing on earth, was first a thought and then an idea in someone?s imagination, was it not? Therefore, if something can be imagined it came from the soup of potentiality, and thus it can become manifest as your reality if you clearly define it and believe it. And that is why we can say that imagination creates reality. Your reality is only limited by your imagination.

Furthermore, because there?s no inherent reality other than what we imagine reality to be; all realities are really illusions or dreams of consciousness, US, forever and ever, ad infinitum. So in that sense true metaphysical freedom lies in the knowledge of what reality is and how we choose to experience any particular reality.

Now, there are no accidents or mistakes, there is only vibrating energy attracting like energy to itself. Consciousness, God or Source Energy (or whatever name you prefer) does not create or contain superfluous parts. Thus, the idea that we only use 10% of our brain is merely an old belief created by those who didn?t understand metaphysical principles. We all use 100% of our brain to create and sustain the reality that we currently perceive.

Therefore, know that any reality you conceive through your imagination, by its very nature, automatically contains all that?s needed to make that reality real for you. For instance, let?s say you have an idea to create an eBook. The idea excites you and feels good to you so you?re passionate about creating it. However, during the actual process of producing said eBook, fear and doubt may arise within you in the form of: will it be good enough, will people like it, will they buy it, what will they think about it and so on and so forth.

Understand and realize that Consciousness would not have granted and sent the idea to you, through your imagination, unless the idea had value to the whole and you had the capacity to produce that eBook. Furthermore, the market to buy and read that eBook already exists as potential; the eBook and its readers are like two sides of the same coin. If that were not the case the idea could not exist!

The only things that can thwart your total success are your negative thoughts and beliefs. Think and be positive and only good can come to you, it is law!

Thanks for creating this website and for sharing your love and understanding :)

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