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Interview With Eldon Taylor

Q: I know you tell us what we can do about this limited thinking in your book, Choices and Illusions, but can you give us an example right now? ET: We

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Interview With Eldon Taylor

Q: You came from a fascinating background. How did you get inspired to write your books? ET: As a practicing criminalist, nearly every day I saw someone,

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The Rehearsal that Makes a Lifetime Difference

Within every human being exists a propensity for greatness. The gifts may vary, and the greatness may live out in a vast array of alternatives—say from

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The Kingdom Within Excerpted from Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor

What if the world truly is magical? What if we were created to be co-creators with all the power to manifest miraculous lives if we but believed so? What

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It’s Never Too Late Excerpted from Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor

In my journey there came a point when I hungered for more metaphysical information. I enrolled in a California university, The University of Metaphysics,

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Eldon Taylor

Eldon has a new book being released. I have been keeping all of you updated on his new releases. His books are insightful and will help enhance your life. Follow this page for excerpts from Eldon and updates from Eldon as I get them.

Mind Is Not A Local Event

As a small boy I had experiences that cannot be explained other than by some paranormal means. I somehow noetically knew things without knowing how I knew.

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Spiritual Thoughts 2

Spiritual Thoughts 2 that become permanent will improve your thinking,attitude and life.

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Site Map For Life 2

Site Map For Life 2 will help you find all the valuable tools Meta[ has to offer.You will get great insight into your life.

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Spiritual Thoughts

Spiritual thoughts that become permanent will improve your thinking,attitude and life.

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Spiritual Healing Methods

Spiritual Healing Methods are a way to get you back in touch with God

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Discipline and Desire

Discipline and Desire, do you know why your life is not the way you want it.

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Ask Rev Bill

Ask Rev Bill any question on spirituality or metaphysics that has you puzzled.

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Definition of Consciousness

Definition of Consciousness may mean something different for everyone. I see it misused on the internet and it can be a misleading term. Lets start with, What do you want to accomplish?

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Light Worker

I have recently stumbled across your blog and saw that you often blog about confirmation and spirituality. I find topics like this to be completely enlightening.

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Spiritual Retreats

n the home of dalai lama-dharma-dharamsala-yoga-meditation-retreat: Rejuvenate yourself with tibetan energetics and tibetan healing techniques,ayurveda health. Travel with dharamsala miniguide, study history of tibetan monks, list of tibetan place names, rituals of tibetan buddhism. Attend main teaching dalai lama,amitabha karmapa, learn tbe tibetan chants 21 tara !

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Friends of building relationships through Love and helping to Pay Life Forward. Links to Positive Sites.

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What is motivation

What is motivation. God’s promise to us is total consciousness and total restoration of life. God is the author of life, not death. Immortal life not just our experience of earthly life.

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Schumann Resonance, Earth Breathing and Alpha Brainwaves

Schumann Resonance, Earth Breathing and Alpha Brainwaves The earth is surrounded by air, and the ionosphere, and it is a wonderfully resonant system.

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I am a divorcee and when I read Heal your life, it taught me that the divorce was for my good. This book taught me that everything happens for my good.

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what is motivation2

What is Motivation2: God’s promise to us is total consciousness and total restoration of life. God is the author of life, not death. Immortal life not just our experience of earthly life.

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Mind Body Spirit

Mind Body Spirit What is the connection, why is it important because they all work together and we are nothing without the connection

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Overcoming Negativity

Overcoming Negativity,negativity is like a cancer to your soul. Learn how to overcome it.

Continue reading "Overcoming Negativity"

Mental Science

Mental Science consciousness or self awareness, is knowing our oneness with God and learning to control our thoughts.

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Power of Thoughts

Power of Thoughts and learning to control them can be a positive and powerful experience.

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Beyond Positive Thinking

Do moral issues stop you from creating your life. Can you see beyond the obvious.Beyond Positive Thinking

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positive thinking exercises

Positive Thinking Exercises,The Power of Positive Thinking can enhance your life like beyond what you can imagine. Include this practice in your everyday life and watch it change.

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Eldon Taylor

Eldon,has been good to this site. Take a look you might find this interesting.

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Be grateful for what you have, Not what you want.

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Please take the time to write me. I appreciate all your comments.

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alcohol depression

alcohol depression is a major problem for families and individuals.

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how to stop drinking alcohol

How to stop drinking alcohol Is alcohol creating a problem that has you constantly regretting your actions. Is it affecting your relationships, health, work and your social reputation.

Continue reading "how to stop drinking alcohol"

Overcoming Shame

Overcoming Shame, Is this something that affects your Spiritual Growth.

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New Age Authors_Self Help Books

New Age Authors_Self Help Books, metaphysical authors, founders of metaphysics, metaphysics

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Affects Of Alcohol

affects of alcohol can and will affect your relationships and your life can be devastating.

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Change Your Life

Do you want to change your life? Or go thru life wondering if it could be better.

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Universal Mind 2

Universal Mind 2 tells us we are all using one Mind. There is only one God and we all use the same Mind or God.

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Explaining Spiritual Science and how it helps in the understanding of Universal Laws

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Who are we

"The self is fundamentally an illusion arising as a reflection of the soul in matter, much as a clear lake at midnight reflects the moon." Fred Allan Wolf PH.D


This is the way to self enlightnment.

Truth and Grace

Truth and Grace,ones spiritual journey to self awareness

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Who are you

What you are looking for, You are looking with.

Race Mind Thinking

Most of the world have thoughts that are the same. Years ago the church, science, and government were all one, there was no separation between any of them.

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Life Program

When we begin to know and realize who and what we are in the oneness of God. We can see ourselves as being true to our creator and what this existence

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Gods Gift To Us

Gods greatest gift to man is the power of thought, through which he can incorporate into his consciousness the mind of God. Locked within the super consciousness

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What is prayer and why pray?

Prayer for me is a positive statement of truth. When we reach a position in life we realize that prayer is not a petition for help it is the actualization

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Creating the right joy

There have been times in my life where employment was hard to find. Slim pickings as they say. In my early years as a minister I wrote the following affirmation.

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Universal Mind

What is Universal Mind? Everything? Is that what you thought, well then you’re right. Every time I think about what Universal Mind encompasses it amazes

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