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Explaining Spiritual Science and how it helps in the understanding of Universal Laws

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Definition of Consciousness

Definition of Consciousness may mean something different for everyone. I see it misused on the internet and it can be a misleading term. Lets start with, What do you want to accomplish?

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Alcohol Addiction Recovery

4 Action to take after alcohol addiction recovery

Continue reading "Alcohol Addiction Recovery"

overcoming addiction

Overcoming Addiction involves more than just stayin sober.

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how to stop drinking alcohol

How to stop drinking alcohol Is alcohol creating a problem that has you constantly regretting your actions. Is it affecting your relationships, health, work and your social reputation.

Continue reading "how to stop drinking alcohol"

Family reconciliation.

Due to the long period I took without talking to my closest brother, he never wanted to hear anything from, but the whole last week till today we are communicating,

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God Path for everyone

Dear Friends, you are offered the “God Path for everyone” e-book. The pragmatic Knowledge about the real God and self. And the practical Path from self

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Mind Illusions

Mind Illusions give you the sense you are not in control of your own mind

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Site Map For Life 2

Site Map For Life 2 will help you find all the valuable tools Meta[ has to offer.You will get great insight into your life.

Continue reading "Site Map For Life 2"

Top 7 Tourist Attractions near Rameshwaram

Summary From other temple towns like Madurai or Thanjavur for the religious and spirituality oriented pilgrims to Munnar for the nature lovers and Kanyakumari

Continue reading "Top 7 Tourist Attractions near Rameshwaram"

mind power techniques

mind power techniques, what are they and can they help.

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The Origin story of Agni Teertham in Rameshwaram

Article Summary The mythological story behind the origin of Agni Teertham in Rameshwaram, India and how it has become a popular destination for spiritual

Continue reading "The Origin story of Agni Teertham in Rameshwaram"

5 Reasons Why Reading Theory is Necessary

Article Summary Theory is often considered a waste of time. This article presents a logical rebuttal of the commonly held perception of theoretical learning.

Continue reading "5 Reasons Why Reading Theory is Necessary"

Nothing Happens in a Dream

Nothing Happens in a Dream Posted on February 29, 2016 by David Ian Cowan We’ve all been there…stressing out over “What am I gonna do next in this impossible

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Affects Of Alcohol

affects of alcohol can and will affect your relationships and your life can be devastating.

Continue reading "Affects Of Alcohol"

Joyful Now

Joyful Now has helped to open me to higher more meaningful states of being. Not only do I have better physical and mental health, I am living a much fuller

Continue reading "Joyful Now"

Near Death Forgiveness

Hello There, My name is Elena (Ellen-ŭ). Through out my life I have always written, be it poems, or short stories. Recently, I have found bliss (truly)

Continue reading "Near Death Forgiveness"

inspiring thoughts

Inspiring thoughts help the mind and subconscious see whats real.

Continue reading "inspiring thoughts"

The Dimension Next Door

Spending time with my animals is a very important piece of my life. I have a German Shepard who waits patiently every day for her evening game of tennis

Continue reading "The Dimension Next Door"

Anger Help

Anger Help,ok lets see why you feel you need it.

Continue reading "Anger Help"

encouraging thoughts

encouraging thoughts put in written form is a good way to help others

Continue reading "encouraging thoughts"

it's my life

It's my life, so what do you do. Choosing to express Life passionately is nothing less than entering into a sacred covenant with Spirit. This covenant is this: Life gives Itself to us.

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Peace_Love_Happiness, Life is not the way it's supposed to be, it is the way it is.

Continue reading "peace_love_happiness"

Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections are a great way to help heal your life.

Continue reading "Daily Reflections"


Learn how easy it is to Talk To God,and by doing so, you will find more peace.

Continue reading "TALK TO GOD"

Daily Affirmations

Daily Affirmations can help us realize our hopes and dreams. However, we must first believe that we can achieve them.

Continue reading "Daily Affirmations "

Letting Go Of A Relationship

letting go of a relationship is sometimes necessary for your well being.

Continue reading "Letting Go Of A Relationship"

Noetic Science

Noetic Science is the study of why we exist the meaning of being conscious and our awareness of God

Continue reading "Noetic Science"

Spiritual Healing Methods

Spiritual Healing Methods are a way to get you back in touch with God

Continue reading "Spiritual Healing Methods"

Happiness and Wellness

Happiness and Wellness ,It is hard to be happy when your mental health and stress affect every aspect of your life.

Continue reading "Happiness and Wellness"

positive thinking tips_positive thinking exercises

Positive Thinking Tips_Positive Thinking Exercises,The Power of Positive Thinking can enhance your life like beyond what you can imagine. Include this practice in your everyday life

Continue reading "positive thinking tips_positive thinking exercises"

article on love

article on love, Are you sure you know what love is.

Continue reading "article on love"


Friends of building relationships through Love and helping to Pay Life Forward. Links to Positive Sites.

Continue reading "FRIENDS"

New Age Authors_Self Help Books

New Age Authors_Self Help Books, metaphysical authors, founders of metaphysics, metaphysics

Continue reading "New Age Authors_Self Help Books"

cognitive behavioral theory

cognitive behavioral theory and the law of attraction will work to give you a healthier life.

Continue reading "cognitive behavioral theory"

New Design

There is a new design, so do not leave. Please let me know if you like or dislike it

Blessings Rev.Bill

Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction, Are You Creating Your Reality Today

Continue reading "Law Of Attraction"

Discipline and Desire

Discipline and Desire, do you know why your life is not the way you want it.

Continue reading "Discipline and Desire"

Lessons Learned In Life

Lessons learned in life if recognized will help you grow more spiritual.

Continue reading "Lessons Learned In Life"

Law of Attraction 2

Want to increase the Law of Attraction 2 in your life. Contact me to help put Universal Principals in action

Continue reading "Law of Attraction 2"

'Fear is a Choice'

The other day I heard a political commentator mention how they noticed on a recent trip outside North America how comparatively happy most people are compared

Continue reading "'Fear is a Choice'"

Interview with Eldon Taylor

Question: Gotcha! is an interesting title for a book. How do you define a Gotcha? Answer: A gotcha comes when you do what you think is best because they

Continue reading "Interview with Eldon Taylor"

Interview with Eldon Taylor

Question: Why did you write this one Eldon? Answer: I do not believe you can be spiritually awake and unplugged from the reality in which we live.

Continue reading "Interview with Eldon Taylor"

Listening Between the Lines

Listening Between the Lines By Matt Valois When people think about listening, many things might come to mind. Some people may recall a beautiful song

Continue reading "Listening Between the Lines"


What is Consciousness or better who are we. It is the part of us that lets us know that I AM here.Explore and take back control of your life.

Continue reading "WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS"

My Store

You will find unique gifts

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You will find unique gifts

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Ask Rev Bill

Ask Rev Bill any question on spirituality or metaphysics that has you puzzled.

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Daily Positive Affirmations

Free Daily Positive Affirmations , It is a great way to start your day. So give it a try and see the difference.

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