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Why do we Talk to GOD?

Here is the great diversity in the world, interpreting GOD. 

Most of us were raised in a certain religion. There for we can be confused when we want to KNOW OUR GOD. When we grew up and our ideas changed, or maybe the GOD of our parents does not work for us, what do we do. Well all world religions and most beliefs agree that GOD is within us.

So you do not have to look far for what you are seeking.

GOD would tell you if you take the time to listen:

I AM at the Center of Your Being.

I AM at the Center of the Universe.

I AM Cause, an I AM Absolute

If you want to know your inner self your only guide will be this,

Listen to your INNER VOICE then you will know GOD

OK! What now you ask. Well that’s the whole answer. There is only one presence in the universe, it is all that there is. Communicating with GOD is easy.

How to pray to GOD? That's easy also, just talk to GOD. Is it really that simple, YES it is. We as humans have always complicated this. GOD in every language has said:

I AM your Friend, I AM your Father, I AM your Partner.

There needs not to be any formality, or stiffness because this just causes separation. Visit my pages Daily Reflections or let me write you the perfect Daily Affirmations.

These pages have a wealth of information on your oneness with your higher power. is dedicated to helping you understand your oneness with GOD and the Universe. 

You Talk, You Listen,

You become ONE with YOUR inner PEACE

 From Talk to God to Waiting For God 

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