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December 03, 2012

Good Morning, There are so many people I talk to that seem to be afraid of things that they are unfamiliar with. Sometimes it goes against their religion or they have a very narrow view of God. When you say metaphysics some of these people hear it and think negative things. The word new thought brings this same response.

The truth is there is nothing new about metaphysics. GOD is all that there is. Everything we see, touch, feel and experience is a part of God.

What about this is could possible offend anyone? We as metaphysicians see God in everything. We experience God in everything we do. There is no part of our life that is not affected by God.

Please be open minded and do not discard what you may not be familiar with. If we open our awareness to the unexpected we will find new experiences everyday. Everyone that comes into our life is there for a reason. Look for the good in your life very minute.

Your affirmation:" Today I will see the God in everyone I meet. I am recieving beautiful blessings today. "

Have a blessed day..Rev.Bill

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