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October 15, 2012

Good Morning, As we grow as spiritual beings, we learn things about ourselves that we never would have expected 10 years ago. We see the world different and we come to see that all things are possible.

So what has changed about who we are that allowed us to see the truth. The universe has always been there. The laws that are in place give us everything we need to exist and prosper.

The point I am making is nothing about this world has changed. What has changed is us.

To be were i am today versus 30 years ago is nothing short of a miracle. What about you?

Now if we are the ones that change and we are the ones that see different with the same eyes, then this gives me great expectations for my future. To know that i can be the difference and that i am the one that makes the changes to enhance my life, how can i not be excited.

What about you?

What is metaphysics is a good read. Do not stop dreaming. Never believe in anything other than the in possible.

Your Affirmation:" The world is mine for the taking. I will always see myself in control of my own destiny."

Have a blessed day..Rev.Bill

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