I wish there was a magic pill I could give everyone, including myself, so that we could create all our desires immediate and without inner conflict.

Most of us were raised to believe we have no control over our life's. Because of this we can sometimes have inner conflict about our ability to create. Please take the time to read Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Ernest Holmes is a great teacher and will give you some more insight. Remember we are not controlling the universe, we are controlling our thoughts in the idea of how we see things happening. We must first believe in what we are doing and saying. If we do not we ended before we got started.

Your Daily Affirmation " I am one with the universe. I am a complete manifestation of God perfect in every way. God has created me to have control of my circumstances."

Please take the time to meditate or just sit quietly with yourself its the same, but listen, really listen.

Have a blessed week!

Rev. Bill

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