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August 25, 2014

Good morning, I would like to give you something to think about. My pets are like my children. Those of you who have pets may understand. 6 months ago I lost one of my dogs. 3 weeks ago I lost another. Last week my mom died. In the next 4 weeks I will have to put to sleep 2 more dogs. My dad will probably last another 6 months.

There are those in my family that wonder why I am not upset? I was there the night my mom died and I was able to bless her and tell her how much she was loved. I told her not to hang on and suffer that she would be in a better place.

This I believe, this is why I am not upset. My dogs have been in my family for 14 years. They had a good life. I had saved all of them and they gave back with their love. I believe that life goes on so there is nothing to be sad about. I also believe in Prayer. What are your thoughts and views. Have you thought about the inevitable. How is your faith in the universe to take care of all.

Your Affirmation:"If I AM one with all things, Then I can not be without. "

Blessing's Rev.Bill

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