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August 03, 2014

Good morning, There comes a time when we all wonder if all this is worth it. I mean the way we all try to improve our spirituality and nothing seems to happen.

Is it all for nothing. Only if you want it to be. We as humans seem to have a built in forgetter. We forget the good times. We forget when we dreamed and manifested what we had prayed for.

Our Thoughts may not always seem important, but I challenge you to take some alone time, be honest with yourself and reflect on your thoughts. Look at your attitude about a situation or perhaps a person. I believe you will find that what you where thinking or your feelings toward a situation is what came to pass.

THIS IS REALLY OUR THOUGHTS CREATING WHAT WE WANT. If this is not what you want Change Your Thinking.

Your Affirmation:" I AM a thinking individual and I can control my Thoughts. I AM in charge not my thinking."

Blessing's Rev.Bill

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