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June 02, 2014

Good Morning, Christian D. Larson [1912] had these thoughts in his book
Your Forces and How to Use Them.

"Scientific research in the metaphysical field has demonstrated the fact that man, is as he thinks, that he becomes what he thinks, and that what he thinks in the present, determines what he is to become in the future; and also that since he can change his thought for the better along any line, he can therefore completely change himself along any line. But the majority who try to apply this law do not succeed to a great degree, the reason being that instead of working entirely upon the principle that man is as he thinks, they proceed in the belief that man is what he thinks he is.

At first sight there may seem to be no difference between the principle that man is as he thinks and the belief that man is as he thinks he is, but close study will reveal the fact that the latter is absolutely untrue. Man is not what he thinks he is, because personality, mentality, and character are not determined by personal opinions. It is the thought of the heart, that is, the mental expression from the subconscious that makes the personal man what he is but the subconscious is effected only by what man actually thinks in the real field of creative thought, and not by what he may think of himself in the field of mere personal opinion."

Your Subconscious and learning how to change the lifetime of negative or unproductive patterns is why I send out these Affirmations. This entire website is about helping us arrive at the truth.

Your Affirmation:" Today I see the world not as I have in the past but as God see's it "

Blessing's Rev.Bill

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