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May 18, 2014

Good Morning, Rev.Carol wrote an article titled It's My Life. It starts like this.

"It's my Life, This is what we should be asking ourselves. What can I do to enhance it. Am I wanting to grow more spiritual. What can I really do about it."

When we what to accomplish something in our life do we need to dwell on it every moment. I have said that what we think about most we create. This is true. Sometimes we just have to Let Go and Let GOD.

The thing is it seem's to be easier for the average person to dwell on the negative and when we try to focus on the positive changes we would like, we seem to think about why this will not work.

This is what I mean when I say Let Go Let GOD.

It's My Life. Let us realize what we want, Pray about it, Meditate on it,sleep on it or do our affirmation's. The we let the universe take over knowing that it will happen.

Your Affirmation:"I AM a reflection of Gods perfection. I can do nothing wrong. My will is Gods will and it is perfect." Blessing's Rev.Bill

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