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March 23, 2015

Good Morning, We all have to be open to ideas. Whether they are new or not. A lot of religious people are closed to anything new and this makes it hard to see the truth. People believe that their pain and unhappiness is God's will. This could not be farther from the truth.

St Thomas Aquinas was a Benedictine Monk and a authority in the Roman Catholic Church.

St. Thomas Aquinas believed that the existence of God could be proven in five ways, mainly by:

1) observing movement in the world as proof of God, the "Immovable Motor";

2) observing cause and effect and identifying God as the cause of everything;

3) concluding that the impermanent nature of beings proves the existence of a necessary being, God, who originates only from within himself;

4) noticing varying levels of human perfection and determining that a supreme, perfect being must therefore exist; and

5) knowing that natural beings could not have intelligence without it being granted to them it by God. Subsequent to defending people's ability to naturally perceive proof of God, Thomas also tackled the challenge of protecting God's image as an all-powerful being.

Think for ourselves. Even St Thomas was open minded and realized that there was more to God than the Catholic belief.

Let this be your motto. Be open to all things and the truth will be presented to you.

Your Affirmation:"Because I AM ONE with GOD, I can see the truth in all situations."

Blessing's Rev.Bill

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