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Free Daily Affirmations
March 09, 2015

Good Morning, This week we are doing something different. I know there are some of you who want a personalized affirmation.

So I have posted a link for you to ask me. Please give enough information on what you would like to affirm in your life.

I am posting a second link for those of you who want to post a positive story or a personal one. If they are in the spirit of Metaphysics-For-Better-Living I will post your page on my site.

Ask Rev.Bill.

Submit your article.

Continue to love yourself and see only the goodness in the world. When in contact with others practice seeing the good in them and ask yourself why are we here together and what can I offer this person.

Your Affirmation:"I only see the goodness in all I come in contact with."

Blessing's Rev.Bill

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