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March 06, 2017

Hello, I am giving you this poem that my friend Cori sent me. We all have someone in our life's that we love. It is always a good thing to let them know how we feel. So today maybe you can give this poem to someone and also send it to a friend so they can regift it.

I am sending a dove to you with a parcel on its wings.

Be careful when you open it, it’s full of beautiful things.

Inside are a million kisses, wrapped up in a million hugs.

To say how much I miss you, and to send you all my love.

I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain.

To walk with me throughout my life, until we meet again.

This Article will give you some insight on how I believe we should treat others.

Your Daily Affirmation: "Today I Am going to offer someone the gift of a random act of kindness.”

Blessings Rev.Bill

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