Happy New Year, This could be the year we all expand our consciousness to new heights. Let us stop looking for more profound reasons why we are here and just except the fact that there is a Spiritual Universe with exact laws and we do not have to control them. We just need to use them.

For the New Year lets try and give more of ourselves. I am going to write more about this and will let you know when it is done.

Jesus said " Give, and it shall be given unto to you."

This is a law in nature that has been verified by science. To simplify it, Everything moves in a circle, Everything bends back upon itself. So the more you give the more you receive.

Lets look at the world in a new light. Give LOVE until it hurts. You will see a difference.

This weeks Affirmation:

'I know my life is a prayer. I now surrender to God's love and see the perfection in everything that I do."

Please read this.,I believe you will find it helps.

Know you are blessed and act accordingly.

Blessing Rev.Bill

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