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December 30, 2012

Good Morning, The new year is upon us. What is your 2013 year going to be like? I wish for everyone to write a list of all your goals.

The most important thing about goals is not to accomplish every one, but to strive for the best that you can do. This is your life. Grap it for all it's worth and strive for the best.

Ernest Holmes said "the gift of life is not complete until it is accepted."

Realize that you are blessed with endless bounty and magnificence. Nothing can out give God and God gives you everything you could ever want or desire.

Accept the gift of life God has given us and in turn outpour it to all that you come in contact with. Your affirmation: " I am one with the powerful creator of the universe, the God that is in all, around all and in all. This Creator is the giver of all good and of all life."

Give thanks to God for blessing you with unlimited good, unlimited life and unlimited good.

Read This.

Have a blessed day..Rev.Bill

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