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Free Daily Affirmations
November 26, 2012

Good Morning, What do we mean when we say that everything that happens is part of the divine plan.

There is a creative,intelligent Cause behind all effect. The universe is "on purpose" because the power creating the universe has both intelligence and volition. Nothing happens by accident. There is a reason and a purpose for every event. Therefore, whatever happens, instead of labeling it as good or bad, simply ask yourself, " How can I respond to this situation wisely, creatively and lovingly ad with the highest and best for all concerned in mind?"

Because the universe is on purpose, your life is on purpose. It's all part of the Divine Plan. You have a unique and special gift to give. The meaning of your life is to discover your gift; the purpose is to give it away.

Living Counsciosly on a daily basis will help you to stay in the moment. Your affirmation:" Today I will live in the moment. I will see my divine self and acknowledge this with love to myself and everyone I meet."

Have a blessed day..Rev.Bill

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