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Free Daily Affirmations
November 06, 2017

Hello, Bodhipaksa, a Buddhist teacher and author who has been practicing within the Triratna Buddhist Community since 1982 and has been a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1993. Bodhipaksa previously taught meditation in the Religious Studies department at the University of Montana. He says this about mindfulness:

"You can cultivate mindfulness triggers by choosing a particular transitional event, and consciously reminding yourself to be mindful whenever that event occurs. For example, when the phone rings, you can remind yourself to take our awareness to your breathing, and to smile, and to breathe deeply three times before we reach for the phone.

Mindfulness triggers can be very powerful “wake up calls”. We might be in the habit of grabbing habitually for the phone as soon as it rings. This tends to add to stress, since the compulsive nature of the grabbing suggests that the phone is in charge of our lives — since we can’t control when the phone rings we’re not in charge of our own lives, which is inherently stressful."

What is mindfulness, It is the ability to live in the moment. It is the knowing that you are one with God. It is saying I AM not what I AM feeling, doing, not seeing, knowing you are beyond the limited expression you may be experiencing and being able to really see, feel and experience the wonders of God's peace at any moment you choose.

Your Daily Affirmation: “Today I AM one with God."

Blessings Rev.Bill

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