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May 21, 2018

Hello, Ernest Holmes says this about alcoholism: "What is the alcoholic really doing? He is attempting to escape the realities of life by running away from them. When this situation arises the drink takes the man, and this is the man we wish to help. We can make a normal, happy, useful person out of him only by giving him back to himself.

How to stop drinking alchol is a good place to learn. When you’re an addict, the idea of a sober life can be tough to imagine. But although your substance of choice may be trying to convince you otherwise, clean living is not only possible, it may end up being the best choice you ever made.

You are who you are, as I am who I am, and that is wonderful because we are one with each other and one with the one mind of GOD.

Your Daily Affirmation:"I AM here to create reality, not to continue status quo."

Blessings Rev.Bill

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