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May 11, 2015

Good Morning, I have the opportunity to talk with many different individuals. The common pattern I find is their belief that there is something greater than them and if they ask they may be rewarded.

The most challenging aspect of metaphysics, and it depends a lot on how you were brought up and if you are close with a religion, is the fact that there is no one looking over us. The Universe is made up of a Natural Laws and like any Law it is there for everyone.

It does not take a special person to access it, all it takes is for you to understand that it is non thinking and acts on our thoughts and beliefs. It does not judge.

Waiting for God to realize that you are good, or deserving is not going to happen. You are the only one who can change and create your life.

Your Daily Affirmation:"I am a perfect reflection of God. I create the perfect life just by doing so."

Blessing's Rev.Bill

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