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Free Daily Affirmations
April 07, 2014

Good Morning, Each week I give you little lessons on how to improve your spirituality. Lately I have not gotten much feedback. It would be helpful. If you are struggling with an issue or have questions please write me. Paste this in your E-mail.

Benedict De Spinoza {1883} felt that with the everyday activities that we have, whether it be job, working toward financial goals, or any other pursuit, our minds get absorbed with these things and it does not leave room for us to create some of the other things we strive for in our everyday lives.

We attract what we think about most. This makes it more challenging for us to create new and important changes for ourselves. That is why I stress the importance of a meditation program or the taking of time to clear out the noise of the day and focus on our important changes that we want. I include myself in this, lets make more time so we can grow and have the peace that we all desire.

Your Affirmation: "Today I will find the time to go inside and commune with GOD."

Blessing's Rev.Bill

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