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Free Daily Affirmations
February 18, 2013

Good Morning, I Think Therefore I Am.

As God contemplated Itself as you, a state of consciousness was expressed or made into form.

We can make our dreams a reality.

If we develop our Christ Consciousness on a daily basis. We can and will demonstrate fulfillment of any true desire. As we work with Spiritual Mind treatments[Prayer] daily we will see results.

One of the avenues we need to explore is opening our heart and mind to our spiritual nature. Turning Inward to that Presence and Power of God within us. It is recognizing that their Mind and Power of God is right where we are, individualized as us with no separation.

We can try and raise our mind to a higher state of awareness but without realizing our spiritual connection the results would be dramatically different. We must know who we are not just say it.

The Spirit of God is everywhere present, all knowing, all loving, all powerful. We now need to know that this Universal Spirit is individualized itself as me, as you, even before we were ever conceived of.

I THINK THEREFORE I AM. Remember the Laws that govern us.

Your affirmation: " Today I make as my # 1 priority my understanding of my importance in the universe."

Have a blessed day..Rev.Bill

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