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Free Daily Affirmations
February 03, 2013

Good Morning, Can We really relate to God. Well we must if we are going to create the life we want.

The Truth is Indivisible and Whole. God is Complete and Perfect. A Perfect Cause must produce a Perfect Effect.

Ernest Holmes tells us 'In the creation of any form it is necessary for its image to exist in Mind before it can come into realization in the external. The Law, being only a neutral force, cannot initiate anything, and cannot, of Itself, choose to create anything. It is a Doer only, not a Knower. The Word alone knows; so we may assume that each word is a law unto itself, through the One great Law of all Life."

The Laws are SPIRITUAL and also a SCIENCE.

Your affirmation: " Today I am taking the time to see the GOD in my life. I am in touch with my inner being."

Have a blessed day..Rev.Bill

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