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Free Daily Affirmations
January 29, 2018

Hello, James Redfield is the author of the Celestine Prophecy. He is an enlighten author of great spiritual complexity and this is the opening:

"SYNCHRONICITY is the entry point, the measure of whether we’re connected spiritually. These “meaningful coincidences” are tiny miracles steering us toward the good life. They are always seeking first, to awaken us, and then to allow us to be guided by a spiritual connection to the unfolding of our intended destiny. Staying in a state of alert expectation concerning the major questions of our lives, or the help we need, increases the frequency of Synchronistic answers. The secret is remembering, first thing in the morning, to watch for these magical Synchronistic moments."

Spiritual Metaphysics is another part of consciousness.

Spirit is Conscious Mind, and is the Power Which knows Itself; It is conscious of Its own Being. Spirit is the Father-Mother God because It is the principle of Unity back of all things. The masculine and feminine principles both come from the One.

Your Daily Affirmation: “I am who I am, and that is wonderful because we are each other with the one mind of GOD."

Blessings Rev.Bill

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